In the period between 18 to 20 of November 2023, Fikra for Studies and Development will partner with various organizations, including the Obstetrical & Gynaecological Society of the Sudan (OGSS), The Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA), The Sudanese Journalists Association, Darfur Bar Association, The Sudanese Development Call Organisation (Nidaa), and the Norwegian Refugees Council (NRC) in organizing the conference. The Conference will take place in Cairo.
The organizing committee aims to ensure a wide-ranging ownership of the conference by different Sudanese organizations as well as a central role and participation for UN humanitarian organizations in its activities in order to serve as an effective framework for the implementation of its recommendations and practical outcomes.
A considerable number of participants in the conference will be invited from within Sudan. The Organizing Committee will ensure that the selection takes place through broad consultation in such a way as to ensure the representation of local initiatives active in conflict areas, as well as victims of violations, displaced persons and refugees, and local organizations active in the field of humanitarian relief. The selection of participants will aim for the widest possible geographical and sectoral representation of Sudanese.
The three days of the conference will cover:
• The first day of the conference will include plenary sessions and a presentation on the current situation.
• The second day of the conference, participants will be divided into working groups focused on each of the different themes of the conference in order to develop specific recommendations in each field.
• The third will include a plenary session to present the outcome of each working group.
On the fourth day following the conclusion of the conference, the secretariat and steering committee will convene an administrative meeting to devise a plan for the dissemination and subsequent monitoring of the deliverables.

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