We are a Sudanese civilian collective from a myriad of backgrounds who have been watching in horror as the humanitarian situation in our home country continues to rise to record levels. A humanitarian crisis that is worsening with every single passing second as the war that erupted on April 15th continues to rage.

What we hope and aim to achieve with the hosting of this vital conference is to revitalise the international and regional response to the crises unfolding beyond the world’s attention.

The heavy burden of the humanitarian response has fallen on and been carried out mostly by local grassroot efforts, The Emergency Response Rooms (ERRs), who in the face of continuing logistical, financial, capacity constraints and safety concerns, remain committed to helping the Sudanese civilians caught up in the war through no fault of their own.

Lest we forget: it is always the civilians who pay the heavy price and face the burden of war and conflict.

  • What we hope to achieve with this conference is not just to re-focus attention on the continuing unfolding humanitarian crises in Sudan but to build and establish more effective coordination mechanisms between the various aid groups, both local and international ones, working in the field of humanitarian relief and aid in the country.
  • How can we improve the lives of millions of Sudanese caught up in this war?
  • How can we ensure essential medical and food aid reaches those who desperately need it?

The numbers and statistics speak for themselves in highlighting the desperate levels the current situation in Sudan is.

  • More than half the population, some 25 million, require aid assistance.
  • 19 million children are predicted to miss the school year.
  • 8 million Sudanese are displaced, the highest in the world.
    It’s been 7 months of war in Sudan. 215 days of war. The longer this war continues the higher the number of those who require urgent help and assistance. We must act now.

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